Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Java Applications - The Big Picture

What is Java?

Java is a (object-oriented) programming language. It is a computing platform widely used for development of:
  • Websites
  • Standalone desktop applications
  • Android apps
  • Online games
  • Apps for Internet of things (and the like)
Java comes in 3 flavors:
  1. Java SE (Standard Edition)
  2. Java EE (Enterprise Edition)
  3. Java ME (Micro Edition)
Java SE forms the core part of the Java library. Beginners start with learning Core Java development. It is used in developing console-based (or GUI based) desktop applications and Android applications. Core Java is widely used in developing processing logic for websites (formally called enterprise applications). Java programmers write business logic (eg. calculating mortgage interest) for a website (whereas Web designers build the GUI using HTML/CSS/Javascript)

Java EE is a superset of Java SE. Crudely speaking, it is used in development of (complex) enterprise applications. Note that Core Java is only used for developing business logic. Other requirements include returning a dynamic response to the user, security, scalability and communication with a database etc.

Java ME is a subset of Java SE. It is used for developing applications for small-footprint devices (those with huge constraints on power and memory) like CD players and PDA's.

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